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About Us:

Gordy Welch
President and Founder

25 years ago, Gordy started Lighthouse Real Estate Services by investing in, managing, and maintaining multi-family property in Bayview and Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  
In 2004, Gordy became a Multi-Family Investment Broker at Siegel-Gallagher in Milwaukee, WI.  He 
helped multi-family owners assess, value, position, and sell their property.  This resulted in finding buyers for more than 5,000 apartment units throughout WI. 

In 2007, Gordy received the Wisconsin Association of Commercial Realtors (CARW) "Multi-Family Deal of the Year" Award and the Siegel-Gallagher "Deal of the Year" Award. 
In 2010, after much success at Siegel-Gallagher, Gordy saw the need to help community banks with Evaluations and Validations.  Since then, Lighthouse Real Estate Services has done more than 700 Evaluations and Validations totaling more than $700 million in market value.
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Chris Rekenthaler
Senior Analyst / Evaluation and Validation Expert.

Chris joined Lighthouse Real Estate Services in 2011 and brought with him an extensive educational background and 15+ years of experience in the real estate / property management, banking, and title industry. 

Chris's varied background and experience have provided him with an in-depth understanding of the local real estate markets.  
He has been instrumental in helping Lighthouse Real Estate Services expand and diversify it's scope of Evaluation and Validation solutions while providing superior customer service and expert analytical and research skills. 

Chris is a Marshall & Swift Commercial Cost Approach certified expert.         


Ryan Kraft
Analyst / Evaluation and Validation Expert.

Ryan joined Lighthouse Real Estate Services in 2012 after working with a local appraisal firm and real estate attorney for over seven years. 

Ryan also owns and operates a residential real estate brokerage company and has been a licensed Realtor / broker in the State of Wisconsin since 2004. 

During this time, Ryan has gained a thorough understanding of the residential and commercial local real estate markets and has developed an extensive network of local real estate professionals. 


Lighthouse Real Estate Services, Mukwonago, WI 53149

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