Lighthouse Real Estate Services - Expert Evaluation and Validation Solutions
Property Types We Value and How We Are Different:
Property types We Have Evaluated and Validated:

  • Commercial:  Day Care Centers, Vet Clinics, Restaurants, Bars, Condos.
  • Multi-Family:  Apartments.
  • Industrial:      Manufacturing, Warehouse, Distribution, Flex Space.
  • Office:            Central Business District, Office Condos, Medical Office.
  • Retail:            Stand Alone, Big Box, Strip Centers.
  • Mixed Use:    Retail, Restaurant, Office, Apartments.
  • Raw Land:     Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, Single Family (bulk only). 
  • Institutional:  Churches and Schools.
  • Self-Storage:  Indoor and Outdoor. 
How we are different:
  • We utilize 7 sales comparable information sources - leaving no stone unturned.
  • We offer 5 Evaluation and 2 Validation FDIC valuation compliant solutions.
  • We study and utilize: rent rolls, purchase agreements, prior appraisals, offering memorandums, operating and tax statements.
  • We review:  gross, triple net, absolute, and modified leases. 
  • We are proficient at understanding tax bills, assessments, building drawings, and GIS Mapping.  
  • We value Raw Land, Institutional, and REO property.   
  • Our Sales Comparison Grid has up to 16 adjustment criteria.  
  • We inspect the interior and exterior of the subject property and drive within its sub-market.
  • Because we are local, we do our best to understand individual sub-markets and the viability of most property types.
  • Our Evaluations are like case-studies.

Lighthouse Real Estate Services, Mukwonago, WI 53149

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