Lighthouse Real Estate Services - Expert Evaluation and Validation Solutions
Validation Solutions:

What is a Validation:
A Validation is used to determine whether an existing Appraisal or Evaluation continues to reflect the
As-Is market value of the property (that is, remains valid) and must comply with FDIC 12/10 Inter-Agency Guidelines.

Why do a Validation:
Banks utilize Validations for:  loan renewals, lines of credit, smaller loans, impairment list management, loan workout, pre-REO, and REO valuation.  

What types of Validation Solutions do we offer:  
We offer the following Validation solutions, which blend FDIC Guidelines with bank valuation policy, best practices, reasonableness, and common sense.

Sales Approach Validation

Highest and Best Use:  
Owner or non-owner occupied (single-tenant) property.  

Sales and Income Approach Validation: 

Highest and Best Use: 
Income producing / multi-tenant property.

We also offer:

Sales Comparison Analysis (SCA):

Highest and Best Use:
Low risk and low loan-to-value smaller loans of owner or non-owner occupied (single tenant) property. The SCA is not an Evaluation or a Validation and does not meet FDIC 12/10 Inter-Agency Guidelines.


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